Hercule’s Bath – Baile Herculane, Romania

According to the most reputable legends, Hercules stopped in the Cerna Valley in southwest Romania to bathe in the hot springs and take a much-needed vacation from his exploits.   During the Roman period in Dacia, Baile Herculane was a leisure spa town renowned throughout the Empire.  Today, vestiges of its 19th century glory days… Read More Hercule’s Bath – Baile Herculane, Romania

Black Friday is Romanian, and other things I learned this month

The holidays are in full gear, giving lots of learning opportunities in our crosscultural environment.  Here are a few things I learned this month. 1. Around mid-November I was talking with a Romanian friend who had bought an appliance as an early Black Friday deal.  Black Friday?  Because it comes the day after Thanksgiving, when most… Read More Black Friday is Romanian, and other things I learned this month

Monastical Seclusion – Horezu, Romania

One foggy afternoon in October we turned off the main road that skirts the southern Carpathians and headed straight into the foothills.  Signs directed us to the UNESCO World Heritage Horezu Monastery.   Several kilometers of road dead-ended at a large gate and medieval stone walls.  The monastery and surrounding buildings on the hillside were… Read More Monastical Seclusion – Horezu, Romania