Romania’s gold

P1090673I thought they were jars of oil.  Gold and amber, glistening in the sun on roadside stands, I didn’t cross my mind that those stacks of jars were honey.  Then we were gifted several jars shortly after our arrival.  I also started noticing boxes of hives in backyards, in fields, on trailers – everywhere.  When we were house hunting, several boxes were scattered in the backyard of one home we toured.  A colony had escaped the manmade hive and settled in a tree within reach of the children.  “If we pick this house, that hive will have to move.”  The prospective landlord shrugged.  Bees schmees.  They’re everywhere.

For years, in the United States we’ve been hearing about the plight of the bees.  They are vanishing, causing serious issues with crops and pollination.  In Romania, bees are thriving.  Last year a friend had gallons and gallons from his hives.  His honey was sorted by origin – single origin (ie clover) or multi-origin – all local, organic, raw and unfiltered.  Liquid gold.

Click on the photos below to view them in a gallery with complete captions.

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