. . . and it was very good.

According to my 2-year-old, “God saw all that he made and it was good.”  This truth came out of her mouth after a morning of Sunday School last week.  This is the account of the fifth day of creation after everything came into being – except people (Genesis 1:25).  When God created man and woman on the sixth day, he looked at everything he had made and it was very good (1:31).

His creation is good. That’s why I can’t sit still until I’ve seen it all.  The more I see, the more I want to see.  Is there some good part that he created for his good pleasure that I haven’t seen yet? I must go!  It speaks of his nature.  That is why discovery is such an integral part of humanity.  And people are the very good part of his creation – languages, colors, cultures.  God is not like me.  We – all of humanity – were made in his image.  If I don’t explore, appreciate and understand other cultures and parts of creation, there is a part of God’s image on earth I’m missing out on.  And I don’t want to know it so I can say “been there, done that.”  It shouldn’t cause me to just say “that was really good.”  It should cause me to worship.

One experience I look back on that induced me to worship was watching the sunrise in the Moroccan Sahara Desert in 2009.  These photos don’t do it justice.  Complete silence except for the wisp of wind that occasionally dusted off the knife edge of the dunes.

The knife-edge of the dune.

Looking east to the sunrise over Algeria.

The ever-changing landscape