winsome wine country – Stuttgart, Germany

Mention the term “wine region” and images of Tuscany, Napa and Stellenbosch come to mind – globally renowned regions with the lucrative tourist industry to go with it.  While we enjoy a good glass of wine, we are perhaps more attracted to a wine region for the iconic scenery, not the name recognition or notoriety.  We have been through “wine country” in some of the most unexpected regions.  Take Morocco, for instance – not exactly synonymous with a burgeoning wine industry.  One does not need to venture to these places only to experience the nectar of the vine.  There are other reasons to explore wine country.

We spent a most stunning family Sunday afternoon wandering the Stuttgart weinstrasse (wine routes) near Unter-Turkheim one German autumn.  Paved paths through the open vineyards provided a stroller-friendly environment as we worked our way up the hillside, anticipating the panoramic views from the top of the terraced banks.   In Germany, Sunday is the day for walking.  We strolled along with other local families who had been enjoying the rich Sunday wandering tradition through these vineyards for centuries.  Even a teetotaler can revel in this experience.

For walking routes through vineyards in this region, check out the Stuttgart tourism website.  Although it is in German, click on the name of a village and a walking route will pop up.

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