What I learned, and changed, about kid’s entertainment

We came to Romania with only the essentials in toys – Lego and Duplo, a few Barbies, favorite dress-up clothes and a favorite stuffed animal.  I wondered how the children would entertain themselves in their new environment.  Here’s what we’ve learned so far. 1.  The girls, ages 6 and 4, spend inordinate amounts of time… Read More What I learned, and changed, about kid’s entertainment

Not stroller-confined – hiking in Transylvania

Unless you have been reading willtravelwithkids since its inception over three years ago, you probably missed the post about confining kids to strollers on outings.  This week I’m in Transylvania, interspersing language school with adventurous outings in the area around Sibiu.  This afternoon, during a secluded hike meandering with the children along a groomed path… Read More Not stroller-confined – hiking in Transylvania

Cinderella – an unexpected lesson

My mother-in-law and I took my five and three-year-old to see Cinderella.  After reading reviews and checking with friends who had seen it, I decided it was suitable.  Honestly, the romance, charm, character development, theatrical costumes, sweeping soundtrack, superb acting (think Downton Abbey) and fitting simplicity of the story line will be grossly under-appreciated by… Read More Cinderella – an unexpected lesson