Willtravelwithkids – on Travel with Rick Steves!

This week Travel with Rick Steves, my favorite travel podcast/radio show, featured a phone call with Heidi in San Diego! 

The farmer giving us milk, referenced in the interview.

When we lived in Romania, I signed up for Rick’s monthly newsletter.  In the letter they include information on upcoming recording sessions.  In one letter, Rick was looking for callers who had stories to share of Romania for an upcoming show.  I sent in my name with some anecdotes and they replied with an email, including the time and date of the recording session.  They were going to call me for my stories!  I was to be available by phone to receive their call and talk.  No surprise, the specified day was in the near future when we would back in the United States at the beginning of a cross-country road trip.  Fitting, since we willtravelwithkids.  

So, one fine September day in 2016 we pulled off the highway somewhere in upstate New York.  My husband ordered food at the rest stop and I plugged in the laptop at Starbucks and pulled up the live stream recording.  A producer called and put me on hold to await my turn.  I listened to the interview with Leif Petterson, appreciating the context and background he shared.  Then they took me off ‘hold’ and away it went.  I was so happy to be able to share a few short anecdotes.  I know many other folks who have visited Romania can attest to the warm welcome and unparalleled hospitality.    

This link will take you to the show.  The portion on Romania begins at 31:44.

Rick also made a 30 minute travel show on Romania last year.  It can be viewed here.

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