Not a walk in the park

P1090283Yesterday I took the kids on an evening walk after dinner.  We are staying with friends who live in a village 40 minutes from where we hope to move next week.  After the heat dies off and our bellies are full from dinner, an evening stroll is always a good idea.  We walked a dirt road that leads into the hills, draped with vineyards.  Beyond the paved main road, it’s all farm animals, trash and sweeping vistas.

Things I never thought I’d say on a walk: “Don’t step on the dirty diapers! See how may bras you can count.  What colors do you see [referring to the variety of plastics and fabric]?”  Houses on the main road have trash pick-up, but dumping trash on a quiet country road is still acceptable.  Lil’ P excitedly counted bras and shoes.  So much interesting refuse.  At some point, as the road began a steep incline, the dump disappeared (probably too hard for people’s cars or horses to make the grade) and it became a peaceful, rural track.




I love the poppies poking through the wheat, polka dots of red.


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