Norfolk, not the one in England (Part II)

P1050560Spring – the time of year I’m reminded what a pleasure it is to live in a climate with four seasons.  I don’t always live in a four-seasons climate.  Deserts, sub-tropical and tropical climates have their beauty, but not the kind I see out my front door every spring (pictured at left).  The crepe myrtle is a Norfolk treasure.  These trees line the streets in my neighborhood, giving us breathtaking beauty several months of the year.

Whether walking the streets of my neighborhood, biking a pathway in Ghent, or strolling through the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, I’m always surprised by the vignettes of nature that pop up in the urban landscape – whatever the season.



Colorful magnolia leaves adorn a wreath in autumn.
Crepes myrtles in winter.


P1050342 P1050350 P1050361

P1080012 P1080017If you missed Part I of this series, you can read it here.

2 responses to “Norfolk, not the one in England (Part II)”

  1. Thank you! We only have two daffodils in our yard, but if it’s a closeup photo, they fill the entire space – big blast of color! So much of that popping up this time of year. Each spring it’s the same – and it never gets old!

  2. These photos are gorgeous! I’m loving all the pops of color in the wildflowers.

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