Norfolk, not the one in England (Part I)

Early on in the history of willtravelwithkids, I checked the WordPress subject database for current blogs on Norfolk, Virginia.  Norfolk, England kept popping up, with nary a notable mention of the newer city of Norfolk across the Atlantic.  Norfolk, England looks lovely, but that’s not where I live.  I live, for at least a few more weeks, in the gloriously gritty, diverse, urban, historic, East Coast of the United States, somewhat in “The South,” city of Norfolk, Virginia.  It is certainly worthy of a spot in the WordPress Norfolk blogroll.

In my ideal world, I can take pictures of whoever I want, whenever I want.  Walking down the streets I snap pics of cheery school children, a man on the curb eating a burger, a group of businessmen on a park bench, the barista at my favorite coffee shop. . .  But I don’t feel comfortable asking strangers if I can take their photo ‘”for my blog.”  So, I stuck to urban scapes made by man.

Architecture reflects the glory of its creator, but pales in comparison to human faces, which reflect the greater glory of their Creator.  Norfolk architecture, however, is still something to be greatly admired.  This small offering of photos doesn’t nearly encompass the vast collection of post-Revolutionary War, antebellum, early 20th century and art deco structures that pervade the city.  It’s just a taste.

P1080343 P1080353 P1080038 P1080033

Norfolk is a port city, a transportation hub, a tumult of industrial activity 24/7.  These rarely-frequented-by-the-average-resident areas hold a singular beauty.  They deserve attention, so I’ve posted some photos of those ‘less attractive’ areas below.

P1080024 P1080023 P1080002



Part II of this series will feature natural beauty, of which there is plenty in Norfolk, Virginia (and in Norfolk, England as well, I’m sure).

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