Loving Place – Hampton Roads, Virginia

Be a student of your region, your city, your neighborhood.  This has helped me learn to love where I am living, no matter where that happens to be.  We rarely have the option of living where we love, but we can always choose to love where we live.

There are things one can learn about a place to appreciate and value its culture and people, though it can take some serious initiative.

The last few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to explore our region more in-depth and visit places on our Hampton Roads bucket list.  Next year we’ll be crossing the pond, as they say, so there’s no time like the present to keep learning about  – and learning to love – this region!

First up, I cannot speak highly enough of the newly renovated, world class Chrysler Museum of Art.  Always free to the public.  Go there.  Now.


P1050615 P1050617 P1050614

The Norfolk Botanical Garden is a favorite year round.  We could spend all day here and still not walk every path and appreciate the different regions (or spend enough time partaking of all the children’s activities).  Watching the planes take off at Norfolk International Airport from the viewing point adjacent to the botanical garden parking lot is also probably not an experience you can have at any other garden in the country.  Doesn’t get much closer than that.


P1050345 P1050350 P1050361 P1050362 P1050342 P1050578Fort Monroe is a national monument maintained by the National Park Service.  The fortress, originally built from 1819 to 1834, is the largest stone fortress in the U.S.  It covers a large area of land and people still rent the homes and live within the fortress walls.  It’s very unique.  The Casemate Museum located inside the battlements is free of charge and filled with fascinating  exhibits highlighting the history of the region.

P1050602 - Version 2

P1050601 P1050606 P1050599 P1050592

3 responses to “Loving Place – Hampton Roads, Virginia”

  1. I LOVE this – “Be a student of your region” of your place, of where you have been put. This is so critical for TCKs and saying this changes the paradigm. Instead of being expected to ‘know’ a place – the encouragement is to ‘study’ which can make you comfortable in the outsider role. Thank you for this great reminder this morning.

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