When Fear is Your Currency [aka ‘Is it Safe?’]

I always appreciate Marilyn Gardner’s perspective on issues. She blogs frequently at Communicating.Across.Boundaries. Today she posted about the concept of safety when traveling or living not only abroad, but even at home. How often I’ve been asked “But is it safe?” when I tell people where I’ve been or where we plan to go with our children. Read on to see how Marilyn responded to this question when asked about an upcoming visit to India.

Marilyn R. Gardner

erasing fear

“But is it safe?”

My friend stopped drinking her Skinny Vanilla Latte ala Starbucks. She was truly concerned. It was back in late August and I had just told her about the trip I was going on to India in September. I had described what I would be doing, spoken with excitement about the place and the possibilities, but this was her spontaneous reaction.

This is the number one question that I’m asked whenever we travel. Over and over again people ask me those three powerful words: “Is it Safe?”

They say it with doubt as to whether they will trust my response. They say it with much skepticism, and I know as they voice their concern, that the one asking the question will not believe my answer.

I understand the sentiment behind it, we are all products of our upbringing and the media. Unfortunately the way the media portrays life…

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