Wrecked: A Series of Interviews

We’ve all heard that it doesn’t matter what you do as much as how you do it.  That God can use you anywhere.  That you never know what seeds you are planting in people’s lives, even when you can’t see the fruit.  All this is true, but only if you’re not using these statements to justify your life.  To avoid doing the hard things – the really radical act that will force you to give up your own rights and submit to a story bigger than your own.  If starting a family in the town you grew up in accomplishes this, great.  But if it’s just a way to hide from what you’re really called to do, try again.  The point is discomfort.  If you’re completely complacent, then you’re probably missing out.   ~ Jeff Goins in Wrecked

This refrain is in the final chapter of Wrecked, a newly published book from Moody Publishers that offers some challenging points.   This blog post is not a book review.  You can find the book online and read any number of reviews that are surely better written than one I could try to produce.  But I do recommend this quick read.  He touches various points – the loss of purpose many western youth feel; fear of commitment; leaving your comfort zone so you can grow, dare I say thrive; and what is required of us in this broken world.  And the title Wrecked is based on the premise that many people who have truly found their purpose or calling in life were at some point transformed, or wrecked, by a very difficult experience.  Don’t flee the challenges and don’t fear the transformative experience that can shape your life.

With that as the prelude, next week I will be featuring five families who have left their home culture and moved into a challenging environment.  These families experience successes and failures, joys and fears.  They have not shied away from their callings to move beyond comfort to obedience.  I hope their stories will encourage you as much as they have encouraged me.

And while you wait for the first interview to be released on Monday, check out Jeff Goins’ blog geared toward aspiring writers and perhaps even buy a copy of Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life.  

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