The World of James Herriot – Thirsk, Yorkshire, England

I have distinct memories of my dad chuckling while silently reading weathered copies of James Herriot’s writings.  As an adult, on a one years stint back in Mozambique, I picked up those same copies of Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small series and I read, for the first time, literature I could truly call exquisitely written and heartwarming.  Literally.… Read More The World of James Herriot – Thirsk, Yorkshire, England

The Backyard We Didn’t Ask For

Our family recently relocated from rural Romania to urban San Diego, California, USA.  The southern California climate is known for encouraging an element of indoor/outdoor living.  Its outdoorsy culture cannot be overstated.  I was not surprised, therefore, to discover that San Diego’s version of Central Park – Balboa Park – recently created a nature play… Read More The Backyard We Didn’t Ask For

Learning in Africa

We spent most of the month of July in Namibia, Zambia and Tanzania with family.  Here are a few things I learned. 1. Washing clothes by hand cleans your fingernails and stretches your hamstrings.  Sometimes, while traveling, washing machines are available.  Sometimes they are not.  In Africa, it seems Westerners are often content to wear… Read More Learning in Africa