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One spring day in 2011, having just moved to the United States after living in Germany for over three years, a friend asked me questions about living abroad.  I recounted some stories of our adventures and she quickly responded “You have to write a blog.”  I wouldn’t have thought much of it, except she was the third person in as many weeks to tell me I needed to write this stuff down.

So I started a blog.  But, until recently, I did not consider myself a writer.  While purging and organizing for the latest cross-oceanic move, I consolidated my written works which began as journals at the age of eight.  Those handwritten journals, poems and stories (none of them school assignments), filled two boxes.  I guess I am a writer.

That said – Welcome! This blog is a space where I share a little bit of everything, not just tidbits related to our travel and living abroad experiences.  American by citizenship, I have spent a third of my life living outside the United States and have been to 50 countries.    My husband and I have three girls and one boy, ages eight and under.   Due to the nature of my husband’s work, we are always on the move.  We recently relocated from the plains of southern Romania to urban San Diego, California.

The more we travel and meet new people and places, the more we learn about our Creator and what is on His heart and mind.  We hope to never lose our sense of adventure and awe as we sojourn in our city and around the world.

On any given day you can find me planning a trip, whipping up an Indian-inspired dish with whatever local ingredients are on hand, reading a children’s book aloud, taking photos of everyday life, or [obligatory coffee reference in the bio] sipping a pour over with half and half made with home-roasted yirgacheffe coffee from our local Ethiopian store.

My hope is that my writing encourages you to get out and explore and seek to understand the unknown and unfamiliar, even if you have small children.  This website is not intended to be a ‘how-to’ resource for travel, but if you have questions about places we’ve visited or resources I use to plan our trips, send me an email and I’d be happy to share insights with you – willtravelwithkids at gmail.com.

~ Heidi (2018)

P.S. All pictures were taken by me (or my husband) unless otherwise noted.

Articles in online publications:

The Trafficker Next DoorHighlighting the connection between pornography and human trafficking, a post published by Heather Davis Nelson at Hidden Glory and linked to by the Gospel Coalition.

How Should Christians Respond to Tragedy?Three Christian responses to tragedy on iBelieve.com

Lessons from an Ill-Fated Holiday Feast Shared by Marilyn Gardner at Communicating Across Boundaries, this is a story of one memorable Thanksgiving meal that took place the evening I returned home from boarding school after a rough/normal multiple-day journey from Kenya to Mozambique.

Where Can We Be Safe? Published by the Gospel Coalition.

Why I Stopped Reading Bible Story Books to My Children – on NoPerfectParents.com

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “The more we travel and meet new people and new places, the more we learn about our Creator and what is on His heart and mind” – Love this so.much.

  2. Hi! I’m so happy I stumbled upon your blog! I look forward to reading about your adventures and your travels! And I agree with you, the more places I see, the more of Our Creator’s heart I experience.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I checked out your blog and we have tons in common. We haven’t visited Asia much or ever lived there. . . yet. I’ll use your travel posts as a guide and look forward to when we get to experience wonderful Asia more.

      1. I’m so glad I found your blog and I really do think we have a lot in common. =) We’ve seen just a little bit of all Asia has to offer but we are checking places off our list in between moves, pregnancies and births.

  3. Hello Heidi: I am Paul’s first cousin (Margaret was my father’s older sister). Paul and Mary Ann visited us in Mill City, OR several years ago and Vivian (my wife of 43 years) and I visited Ransom and Margaret in Glenview in 1978. That is the sum of our life’s face to face contact with your family — sorry I have never had the privilege of meeting you and your family. I got up early enough this morning to take time with your folk’s e-mail update and clicked on your link — so glad I did. May the LORD richly bless you with health in you family, overflowing peace in your inner being, and continued zest to uplift the world with your blog!

    1. So glad to connect with you! I have heard stories of family visits and am sorry we’ve never had the opportunity to meet in person. Thanks for your encouraging words! It’s been enjoyable recounting our experiences and I’m glad YOU are encouraged.

  4. Heidi – found you and your blog on the TGC Instagram page because I clicked on your story about the Good in Goodbyes. Loved it- especially as I just moved to another state with my kids. Excited to find your blog and “catch up” on your life since Kenya!

    1. Hey Sarah! How fun to find a friend through TGC. I had a college friend I had lost touch with contact me as well after seeing an article. I love how those connections are made. You are well-versed in goodbyes as well, I’m sure. I hope you have a good transition to your new location. Let me know if you’re ever in San Diego!

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