Oman – Inspiration for everyday life from a foreign land

Yesterday I returned from a week in Bahrain and Oman.  Sometimes travel doesn’t reveal new insights or make a great impact on my worldview.  Sometimes a trip simply contributes inspiration for small, everyday decisions.  Instead of making my regular cup of coffee some morning, I might mix cardamon in the coffee grounds.  Being surrounded by brightly vested women in flowing robes might inspire me to purchase that brilliantly bright dress I might otherwise have avoided.  This week in the Middle East I came away with one of those inspirations.P1030379

This photo was taken at the Al-Baleed world heritage site in Salalah, Oman.  While we went to see the ruins and the excellent Museum of the Frankincense Lands (which has nothing to do with frankincense and contains a small, but excellent maritime museum), I was struck by the minute splashes of color growing out of the coastal desert scape.  My friend commented that the tones of green and purple were inspiration for a decorative color scheme.  I couldn’t agree more.  I can see these shades in a unique fabric design or as complementary colors on a wall.  I may pull this photo out of the files someday for inspiration in decorating.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the Al-Beleed  site.

P1030370 P1030375P1030376 P1030374 P1030387 P1030389

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